Tour of the Hen House

Our chickens have enjoyed their hen house with an enclosed chicken run for almost a year now!  They’re well settled into their home, and it’s a great time to take a tour of their lovely accommodations.


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Farm Garden Update

So, how is our lovely garden doing this year?  Well let me tell ya, it ain’t lovely, and it ain’t doing much!  Our first year gardening in Georgia has been a challenge, and the rewards for our hard work have been minimal.  But, (there’s always a but!) the effort we’re putting in this year, will mean better harvests in the future.  At least, here’s to hoping…

It looked fairly well-kept in the beginning 😉

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Is Our Well Going Dry? EEK!

Water is critical for survival. Life cannot be sustained without it. For those of you who live in the city, you simply turn on your tap and water flows freely; and if it doesn’t, you have a utility company to call for service and fix your water problem.

What do you do if you live out in the country, and you turn on the faucet one afternoon – only to have brown water trickle out and then stop flowing altogether? This happened to us recently! We are normally conservative with our water usage and we’ve also had quite a bit of rain this season, so running our well dry was not an immediate concern… until it actually happened.

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Walk around the Farm

One of my favorite things to do these days is walk around our property, camera in hand.  I especially love macro photography and flowers.  Here are a few pictures from recent wanderings right in our backyard.

Chanterelle mushrooms

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Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

Making your own laundry detergent sounds intimidating, but it’s one of the easiest things you can do!  If you know how to use a cheese grater and a measuring cup, you can make your own detergent.  The best part is, this stuff works BETTER than the stuff you buy in the store, and for fraction of the cost.  There are three simple steps to the process – grate & melt the soap, combine with washing soda and borax, and add water.  That’s it!  This recipe makes 5 gallons of concentrated detergent, which you’ll further dilute to make 10 gallons of ready-to-use laundry detergent.


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