Farm Garden Update

So, how is our lovely garden doing this year?  Well let me tell ya, it ain’t lovely, and it ain’t doing much!  Our first year gardening in Georgia has been a challenge, and the rewards for our hard work have been minimal.  But, (there’s always a but!) the effort we’re putting in this year, will mean better harvests in the future.  At least, here’s to hoping…

It looked fairly well-kept in the beginning 😉

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Home-school Curriculum: How to Design Your Own!

We are fairly new to homeschooling, having started the journey just last November. Since we started nearly mid-year, I did not want to shell out a large amount of money for an out-of-the-box curriculum, especially since we were giving homeschooling a trial run and we weren’t sure how it would go.

I did my best to put together my own curriculum, from a variety of free or cheap sources, and switched gears as we explored the multitude of options — there are just so many out there!! I found it bewildering and overwhelming at times, so I wanted to share some insights I gained while I cobbled our curriculum together.

Stack Of Books
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Considering Home-School: Why We Made The Choice

When I first started mentioning that we were considering homeschooling our kids, I can’t tell you how many scoffed at the idea or tried to talk us out of it.  People have VERY strong opinions on homeschooling… including those who have zero experience with it!  I’ve been warned to make sure my children remain properly socialized, I’ve been asked about our (presumably very conservative) religious leanings, and I’ve had people with kids in public school take offense that we were considering removing ours.  Our personal choice to home school is just that – it’s a personal choice.  Our kids are happy, healthy, and they’re learning a lot, developing crucial skills, and growing as people.  THAT’S WHAT MATTERS.  I do not need to justify our choice to anyone; however I will explain why we made this choice as I feel it will resonate with many other parents.

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