Meet the Chickens

Meet our chickens!  Our laying hens and rooster are treated like pets.  They are safely kept in an enclosed coop at night, and are allowed to forage freely during the day.  Their forage is supplemented with a high-quality egg layer pellet and of course, tasty kitchen scraps!

We believe that happy chickens mean great eggs.  Our chickens lead rich lives and have individual personalities.  Foraging offers them a wide variety of tasty bugs, seeds, and other morsels, and their daily walks around the property offer healthy exercise and variety to their day.

We currently have two varieties of chickens, Barred Rock and Golden Comet, and are collecting an average of 6-7 eggs per day from our 8 laying hens.  While we currently have capacity for additional laying hens, we would like to expand the coop first to keep them comfortable.  Look for additional varieties and an expanded egg selection next year!


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