Our Dream

So what exactly are we aiming for, here on Fluster Farm? While we would love to have a completely sustainable, independent, off-grid lifestyle, our current property at a little over 5 acres is too small to support that dream. However, the location is perfect, located about 30 minutes from Mr. Fluster’s work with a scenic wooded commute, and 15 minutes to the nearest town with a grocery store, and we are now close to our family in Georgia. It has a livable house, well, septic and electric so we’re not starting completely from scratch, and the property was comfortably in our budget. It’s beautiful and quiet. It has a creek running through it and woods cover approximately 3/4ths of the property. It’s near many, many gorgeous hiking trails, fishing lakes and streams, and waterfalls. Our property also backs up to hundreds of acres of woods, which connects to Chattahoochee National Forest and the beginning of the Appalachian Trail. You can walk into the woods behind our house and keep walking through woods, until you reach the northern terminus of the AT at Mt. Katahdin in Maine. How cool is that!?

The beginning of the Appalachian Trail Approach, located at Amicalola State Park

While our little patch of heaven isn’t big enough (yet) to go full-tilt, to us it’s a wonderful place to start. Homesteading is a huge undertaking. HUGE. It’s important to take baby steps to avoid burnout. Having a property that is manageable while Mr. Fluster works and the kids are still young, is very important to us. That’s the thing about dreams and goals – they have to be flexible!

Adjusting our original vision, Fluster Farm aims to be a small hobby farm, offering farm fresh, pastured-raised eggs and organically grown heirloom garden vegetables and fruit. Eventually we hope to supplement or completely replace our electricity needs with solar power, offer aquaponic garden vegetables and fish year-round, and also keep dairy animals and bees. Most of all, we aim to grow a large portion of our own food and learn lost skills along the way – and truly live life and enjoy every minute of it.

Our tallest tulip tree



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